Looking for a Full-time Writing Position

One thing in the writing community that I am often asked is, “How much is too much self promotion?”

Well, too much can hurt you, but not enough is the essentially saying that you don’t believe enough in your dreams to make the effort. In this case, hopefully I’m somewhere right in the middle of these two.

I’m an English graduate student with experience in academic writing, journalism, fiction, graphic design, and marketing. I’m hoping to transition to writing full-time, so any suggestions or job leads would be appreciated!

You can contact me via email: gcramey@uno.edu


One thought on “Looking for a Full-time Writing Position

  1. I am trying to do that myself! I just graduated with a creative writing degree. I think a blog/website is a good start. I also think that taking advantage of everything and anything you think is a possibility then go for it!


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