Dear Fellow Travelers

Dear fellow travelers,

I appreciate your initial support in my journey along the road of keeping up a blog. As I attempt to post daily, write more, and make personal progress, I want to pause from time to time and engage in conversation with the artists, writers, and bloggers who run across my humble collection.

To begin, I thought I’d share a few things about myself in hopes to hear more about you:

  • I am a graduate student in English from the University of New Orleans
  • I intend to follow up my M.A. with further studies abroad, and then doctoral work in the Boston area
  • I like to write in all styles and genres, and have most recently started experimenting with memoir writing
  • I am working on a few projects currently, a science fiction novel and a collection of short stories based on people I’ve come across in my travels
  • My favorite authors are Tolkien, Lewis, (Neal) Stephenson, Gaiman, Crichton, Burroughs, Krakauer, and Gornick
  • I am greatly inspired by music. Currently the artist that inspire me the most are Modest Mouse, the Shins, Band of Horses, Sea Wolf, and Daughter

So, what about you? What literary or art projects are you working on? Who do you love to read? What inspires you?

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