Am I an Artist or an Impostor?

Often times we face moments of doubt. We relate more with the impostor than the artist. Our talent, expertise, passion, and labor are tossed aside in those moments. We disregard our hard work and focus solely on the achievements of others in an inequitable and unfair comparison. By placing their merits above our potential we rob ourselves of both confidence and productivity. Furthermore, we steal the investments others have made in us by bankrupting their belief in us simply because we don’t feel good enough.

It’s a dangerous place to be. It is a place where practice no longer makes perfect, but instead, self doubt reigns free. Although everyone travels through this it must not become a place of residence, and we certainly must not allow ourselves to dwell here for too long. Instead, we must fight to hold the tension between humble personal refinement and professional security. We must know that we need to keep making progress while simultaneously realizing that we have already made progress. This progress, no matter how small, is the one thing that has the ability to affirm in us that we are not, in fact, impostors. Impostors do not make progress because impostors do not need to.

Remember this if nothing else, your passion has validity, and your talent is valuable.

Do not rob yourself of your potential.

Do not rob the world of the art you will make.

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